The Vasa Trail

Michigan's premier cross-country ski trail offers those of all abilities the opportunity to experience the ultimate in grooming technology amongst towering white pines and through the pristine serenity of the Pere' Marquette State forest of Northern Michigan.

Families are discovering the pure enjoyment of sharing the outdoors during the winter months by slipping on the skis and gliding through the snow-covered umbrella of trees during a crisp and crystal clear Grand Traverse day.

Imagine the fireside stories over a quiet dinner with friends and the laughter money can't buy. The Vasa Pathway is also a year round mecca for hikers, mountain bikers and nature lovers alike.

Maintained by dedicated volunteers and supported by public donations, the Vasa Pathway is operated by the Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation Trails (TART), a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and preserving non-motorized trails in the Grand Traverse region. 

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Named after King Gustav Vasa, a monarch in Sweden several centuries ago, the Vasa Pathway is also host to the Midwest's most popular ski events.