We Need You!

Calling for volunteers for the 41st running of the North American Vasa!!

As you may already know it takes almost a small army of helpers to make Vasa weekend the quality set of events we love and have come to expect. There are many activities taking place over Vasa weekend and the days leading up to it. If you’d love to be a part of this action-packed, fun-filled celebration, please contact Kristin Rylands at:  kristinrylands@gmail.com or  231-620-7100. It's a great way to meet new folks, have fun and contribute to this 41-year Traverse City tradition.

Help is particularly needed in the following areas:

  • Pre-race set up at Timber Ridge
  • Serving  food in the Event Tent – Sat. and/or Sun.
  • Trail guides  - Sat. and/or Sun
  • Aid station crew members
  • Post-race tear down and clean-up
  • Clothing bag drop

If you’re already part of a crew, your crew chief will be contacting you regarding your availability for this year.

Crew chiefs should be checking with their respective members to see if their team remains solid and then recruiting new people if necessary. Vasa weekend will be here in the blink of an eye!

All volunteers are invited to the Annual  Volunteer Dinner Meeting on Sunday January 29, from 5:30 to 7:30pm. This will be held at St. Francis High School. Please use the parking lot on 11th Street at Cass and enter the building through at the northwest corner of that lot.  You’ll be receiving a bright yellow post card to put on your frig as a reminder of all the details. Please make every effort to attend. You will be meeting with your crew and crew chief to go over all the plans for race weekend. It’s important that each of you know what you’re doing, where you’re going to be and how to get there, what time to report, what to prepare for, how long you’ll be working, and all the other details that help you help Vasa.

Thanks, volunteers, for making the North American Vasa a reality!