What's New?

New in 2019

We are pleased to welcome the Chemical Bank as our co-title sponsor for a second year, along with Shorts Brewing Company, who will be with us for the 5th year.

The 2019 Short's Brewing Company - Chemical Bank North American Vasa will be an another exciting event this year!  We are confident that the weather gods will look favorably upon us again, as they did the last two years when we were one of the few Nordic ski events that did not have to cancel or modify plans to accommodate the effects of warming winters.

After two years of the "Vasa Vice Versa" in which we ran the race courses counter clockwise from the norm, we decided to go back to the traditional clockwise direction in 2019. We plan to alternate the course direction each year from now on.  The 28 and 51km races will continue to use the “Wall Bypass.” The decision to have separate days for the freestyle and classic ski races will also continue so that classic racers can enjoy races dedicated to their technique.  We are working on making the Sunday classic events more festive and fun for all involved, continuing the goal of improving the quality of the classic ski events. 

In the fat bike division, the King Vasa Fatbike Races will feature a 40km race (Short’s Grand Fat) and a 20km race (Short’s-N-Fat) in response to your feedback.

Coming back, by popular demand, is our cozy "Event Tent," where you can enjoy a selection of craft beers from one of our presenting sponsors, Shorts Brewing Company. You will also be able to munch on goodies from our official snack sponsor, Cherry Republic, crunch on Great Lakes Potato Chips, and slurp our hearty hot soups for your post-race recovery and celebration.

Stay tuned for another GREAT Vasa year!