North American VASA

41st Annual

Festival Of Races

Presented by

Short's Brewing Company

February 11-12, 2017


Tune in to Vasa

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Meet 10K! He lives on the 10K loop of the Vasa Pathway, and loves to chase skiers, especially those with granola bars in hand! He is becoming quite the celeb, and has even had his photo in the TC Eagle-Record!

2 hours ago
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No surprise here!

2 hours ago
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Look for this sign at the 19.6K marker sign on the Vasa Pathway. It shows the start of Riley's Trail, an 8K stretch that dumps back on the Vasa Trail just east of Jack Pine. This section will be the start of the 48K freestyle race, the 28K freestyle race, and the 34K classic races. Keep in mind that this trail is NOT nonmotorized, so use caution. You may encounter a snowmobile or 4-wheeler, or evidence thereof. It's a new adventure.... try it!

1 week ago