Changes for 2017
October 05, 2016

The 2017 version of the North American VASA will be an exciting event this year, with a new course and new format to help you enjoy your VASA race experience even more than ever! Make a note of the changes to get the very most pleasure out of our Festival of Races that you can.


This year we will have a "Vasa vice versa." That's right, we will be reversing the direction of the course, just to keep you on your toes (skis)!  If you are worried about racing DOWN the dreaded "wall," fear not! Racers will instead be going around it, through an amazing section of the Pere Marquette Forest.

The second big change is separate freestyle and classic days.

  • Saturday will be the freestyle day, with 48km, 28km, 11km and 6km races. 10km and 42km fat bike races and the Junior Vasa will also be on Saturday.
  • Sunday will be the classic day, with 34km, 16km and 6km races on a double-tracked course.

This change is to provide a better quality race experience for the classic skiers and encourage more classic skier participation.  If a classic skier really wants to slug through a 48km race (e.g., to prepare for the Birkie), they can still do so on Saturday with the freestylers because there will be a set of tracks.

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