Double Or Triple Dip: The Combination Races!
January 14, 2020

The North American Vasa offers a full Festival of Races, but one of the best parts of the events is that you don’t have to choose. Not only can you mix and match your races over the course of the weekend, but you can also double or even triple dip! Going big could have you going home with a unique prize, gift cards, and bragging rights as the ultimate winter athlete. 


Here in northern Michigan, we take our winters seriously. While other regions might bellyache over snow and cold weather, we complain only when there isn’t enough time to do it all! When you’re excited about skiing, fat biking, and snowshoeing, it can be a challenge to fit all three hobbies into your schedule. Luckily, you don’t have to be exclusive at the Vasa! 


We’ve got a number of combination combinations. The big daddy is the Triple Challenge, which will take your accumulative times from the 50km freestyle and 42km Fat Bike races on Saturday, followed by the 35km Classic on Sunday. It’s a massive test of endurance and recovery, and something local athletes dedicate a lot of time to train for. If you need advice, reach out to Dan Novak; he's dominated this category since...forever!


The Michigan Cup Challenge is a ski-centric way to double up over two days, combining the 25km freestyle and 16km Classic races over Saturday and Sunday. These are the two events that earn both the skier and their chosen club some valuable points in the Michigan Cup. The top athletes will pick up a big haul of points, plus a gift card from Brick Wheels for their efforts. 


Traverse City is a bit of a fat bike mecca. We’ve been on wide tires since the start, and fat bikes have been a fixture at our race for years. The SkiFatalon offers a chance for an athlete to earn the title of ultimate winter athlete, but it doesn’t come easy. The winners first have to finish the 25km kilometer freestyle before quickly switching over to the 42km fat bike race. There’s hardly time to change clothes and slam down a Cherry Republic Boom Chukka before they’re back on the snow! 


A few tips on going twice. First, make sure you mimic the demands of racing twice in your training by splitting training days and tracking what works and what doesn’t in between. Some folks like to keep moving or even put in a long cooldown on skis or the bike to make sure they flush out any lactic acid. Second, practice what you’re going to eat both during your events and in-between. Remember, you’re not eating for that first race as much as you’re eating for the second, or even third! Finally, make sure you’re well-hydrated before race day and stay on schedule during the events as well. Have a plan to eat and drink at regular intervals, and make the most of our aid stations out on the course! 


For most of us, one race is enough, but we tip our caps to the winter enthusiasts who push the limits and enjoy more. Get signed up and get training!


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