2017 Newsletter #10


Short's Brewing Company 41st North American Vasa Festival of Races 

Vasa Newsletter # 10        March 29, 2017           

Haley's Comments:

 Hey Vasa Nation, can you take a minute from your spring training to let me say THANKS for responding to our survey? We read every word of each response (ok, Gussie Peterson reads every word and the rest of us read the summaries). But we do take your feedback seriously, and strive to adapt to your need for fun. Here are some highlights of what we learned:

  •    30% preferred skiing the "Vasa vice versa" counter clockwise course of this year, 13% preferred the previous clockwise direction, and 23% want to alternate directions.
  •    57% want to continue to have separate classic and freestyle days; 12% want to go back to the previous format and the rest don't care.
  • 60% preferred Saturday for the freestyle races and Sunday for the classic races.
  •    Classic skiers apparently preferred the shorter course (34 km); participation in the long classic race was more than three times the participation of last year.
  • 70% said the Vasa was good to excellent value for the money; 89% said the value was adequate to excellent.
  •    One guy said I should get a new photo. Whatever. 

So, based on the survey results, and a special Nordic ski race algorithm developed by Univac, here is a glimpse of Vasa 2018: Since many of you survivalists yearned for a biathlon, we thought it would be cool if we moved the start of the race to Cherry Capitol Airport, like the days of old. Each skier would be issued a paintball rifle and be required to target one of those pesky deer that interfere with the flight traffic. After chasing Bambi off the runway, skiers will head to Ranch Rudolph and, on the return trail, they'll feel that nostalgic glow as they approach the Boardman Lake. Climate change deniers will ski across the lake, while volunteers will provide specially adapted Styrofoam "ski noodles" for the rest. No double poling on the Boardman! To sign up now, visit our new website at www. Boardmanplunge.com and use the code APRILFOOL.

On behalf of all us on the Vasa Board, safe travels, happy trails and we hope to see you February 10/11 for Vasa 2018.

Mike Haley, President

North American Vasa