2017 Newsletter #1

HALEY'S COMMENTS - 1st Edition - September 2016

The Presidential regime change you will NOT hear about on Fox News! (or any responsible news outlet, for that matter):

Greetings from the new President of the North American Vasa! I am Mike Haley, taking over the helm of the Vasa Board, as Mark Esper slips quietly into the background. Mark served as our president for 2 years and (thankfully) will remain on the board as we work to provide you with an exciting NEW Vasa this February 11-12, 2017. Take a look at our board roster to meet the people who work hard to make the Vasa a premier winter festival weekend for the entire community.

What's "new," you say? Glad you asked. We honestly have a whole new Vasa planned for 2017:

                             FREESTYLE SATURDAY and CLASSIC SUNDAY

                             All Freestyle races will be run on Saturday:

                                                48 km FS

                                                28 km FS

                                                11 km FS

                                                6 km FS

                                                6 km tour

                             42 & 10 km Fat Bike Races

                             And all Classic races will be on Sunday:

                                                34 km CL

                                                16 km CL

                                                6 km CL

                                                6 km tour

Also planned is "Vasa Vice Versa." ALL course directions will be REVERSED! So really the trails will seem like new. (Hey, they reversed the course of the Chicago River over 100 years ago. It works for them.) The Vasa Board made this decision after receiving consistently positive feedback from Vasa ski veterans and ski clubs. We are confident the new course will create some excitement for the old-timers and lots of fun for the new skiers. But if you are worried about racing down "the wall," fear not, because we are working on a bypass that will take you through an amazing section of the Vasa forest. You will love it!

October 22, 2016 is the first cutoff date for race fee increases. So it's not too late to get in shape. Registration will open soon. Watch for it on our