2017 Newsletter #4

VASA Newsletter #4 -

Another Special Holiday Edition


Vasa Nation: you can get some training kliks in right NOW! Thanks to our highly skilled and dedicated groomers, the Vasa trail is already skiing quite nicely. I hope those of you who are living in a snow-deprived state will get a chance to come up to Traverse City for a weekend and enjoy these trails. It is just not fair that we get the Vasa Pathway all to ourselves, is it?


Hey, Buckwheat, wanna save $10 the easy way?? Then sign up before January 1 before the registration fees increase in the following races: 48 km FS, 28 km FS and 36 km CL.


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Wave Assignments

People of the Vasa Nation, we need to talk frankly about Wave Assignment. Our registration folks ask that you place yourself in the proper wave. We ask that if you typically finish in the top 1/3 of previous races (Vasa, Noque, Birkie, e.g.) then place yourself in the Wave 1. If you are having a wave attack and need to change your wave placement, no worries, just send an email to johnpflughoeft@gmail.com. Otherwise, you may wind up like this guy:

Dude, I am I in the right wave? This is like so awesome.

Riley's Loop


Finally, a word of caution about "Riley's Loop". That is the 8 km section of the trail near Timber Ridge utilized for the 28 & 48 km freestyle race and the 34 km classic race. Jim Heffner has groomed it nicely, and some of our Vasa signage is getting placed, but it is NOT designated by MDNR as a recreational trail. Motorized vehicles of all kinds (snowmobiles, atv's, etc.) have the right to use Riley's, except during the weekend of the race.   So, if you see some "beelers" on the trail while you are out there skiing, do not get your polypropylene all in a bunch and confront them. Rather, I would suggest an approach like this: "Hi, guys. Those are cool sleds, man. And where did you get that spiffy outfit?"

That is it for now, Vasa Nation. Look for my next newsletter where I detail an exclusive interview with a Russian skier who will be trying to influence the results of the Vasa (in a good way).

Celebrate the Holidays in the woods!

Mike Haley

President, North American Vasa

P.S. Some fake news crept into my last newsletter. Sorry.

The correct link for stylish Vasa logo wear is http://vomax.com/navasa,or you can do this through our website www.vasa.org