2017 Newsletter #5


Short's Brewing Company 41st North American Vasa Festival of Races 

Vasa Newsletter #5           January 9, 2017


Haley's Comments

Vasa Nation: This is a quick blast about a poorly kept secret known as "Riley's Loop," named for a great friend of local skiers and bikers who passed away a few years ago. (Reminds me of the joke about the girl who comes home one night and announces that she is getting married to an Irish boy. Dad says, "Oh really?" She says, "No, O'Riley.")


So, anyway, here is the scoop on Riley's Loop. Really:

Faithful readers of this newsletter (both of you) will recall the clever reference to "Vasa vice versa," meaning that the race course will run in the reverse direction that it has in the past. The 48K freestyle, 28K freestyle, and 34K classic race courses will start out on an 8K stretch of "Riley's Loop." In past races, Riley's, not a part of the Vasa Pathway, has had its, well, ups and downs.

Enter the indefatigable Jim Heffner, Vasa Chief of Course, who has helped whip Riley's into tiptop shape for the race. He has been grooming it regularly, and keeping Mother Nature at bay. Skiers are invited and encouraged to give it a try! Check out the map and get info on Jim's latest groom on the Vasa Facebook site. Signs and maps will be posted at key access points. One word of caution: Riley's is NOT designated "nonmotorized," so you may encounter a snowmobiler, four-wheeler, or evidence thereof. Please use caution! Race course maps and other info are posted on www.vasa.org. "Like" us on Facebook for more info and updates.

Keep Thinking Snow

Mike Haley

President, North American Vasa

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Short's Brewing Company 41st North American Vasa Festival of Races