2018 Vasa Newsletter Vol II NO. 6 - Pre-Race Edition

Vasa Newsletter    Pre-Race Edition 2018      Haley’s Comments


Vasa Nation, this is our final electronic engagement until we see each other on the Vasa trail this weekend. The races are THIS WEEKEND, and the snow has never been better.  Didn’t I tell you a week ago it was going to be the best ever?  The photo you see above was just taken Monday afternoon out on the Riley’s loop.

So our Vasa trail has come from sketchy to awesome in a little over one week.  And let us give credit where it is due: Vasa Board member Pete LaPlaca rendered his version of an Italian snow dance - performed in a full body lycra ski suit - and, although painful to witness, it apparently did the trick.  Thanks, Pete.  Your garage door was closed, I hope.

Cross-country skiing has been dubbed “the oddest, craziest, most agonizing, yet most prized of all modern sports events.”  (Sports Illustrated.). The sport “expresses something deep about the human condition: the absolute, nonnegotiable necessity of the grind. *** cross-country skiers are existential heroes in goggles and tights. “ (New York Times Magazine, 2/4/18).  But we do it, and it is very cool.  See you this weekend, friends.  Existential? I gotta google that one….

Mike Haley

President, North American Vasa, Inc.