2018 Vasa Newsletter Vol. II, No. 7

Vasa Newsletter  Vol. II, No. 7,      February 9, 2018    

Agitation & Propaganda Dept.     The Last Pre-race Edition       I am not joking this time    
Vasa Newsletter    Pre-Race Edition 2018      Haley's Comments:
Vasa Old timers will remember with nostalgia the course map for Vasa 1987.
Some of us who skied that race had to stop at Peegio's to ask for directions to the finish. Now comes Paula Driesen (co-race director a few years back) who now prepares a course map for each race.  You can see them on our website, and you can pick up your own copy at registration.
Speaking of which, Registration will be at Timber Ridge again on Friday 12-8; Saturday 7-12; and Sunday 7-10.
Vasa Nation: Remember that photo I sent you last time showing the freshly groomed Riley's loop?
It is important because it shows the combined efforts and talents of Kurt Bard and the Grand Traverse Snowmobile Council and our own groomers Ted Kraimer, John Roe and Jim Heffner.  Riley's resembled an accident scene 10 days ago, and now it is pristine.  Thanks, guys!
I was out on the trail Thursday, and it is almost INSANE how perfect that course is. And it will only improve by Saturday.
That goes double for the Fat Tire Bike courses - both the 42 km and the 18 km. 
John Roe & Crew have worked their magic, my friends. John advises that you need to leave your studs at home, however. No studs of any type will be permitted on the trail.  (That's why you will not see me out there.)
Vasa Friends, did you know that you can ski or bike the race almost FOR FREE in 2019?  No, it is not part of the Tax Reform Act, but rather our way of rewarding the overall winners of the FATALON, the MICHIGAN CUP and the TRIPLE THREAT (that always sounds like an IPA to me for some reason). Seventy-Five Bucks off the 2019 event if you are the overall winner of any of the 2018 special events.
The guy below was our "overall" winner last year (get it? God, I crack myself up). His post-race blood draw came back dirty, though, so he will not be a player this year.
Remember Vasa Pasta at Timber Ridge on Friday 5-8 pm. 
Get your carbo on!
Mike Haley
President, North American Vasa, Inc.