2018 Vasa Newsletter Vol.II, No. 3

Vasa Newsletter #3       December 2017       Haley’s Comments

Vasa Nation! I know what you are probably thinking (thanks to  satellite imagery)... the North American Vasa has a bank co-sponsoring the race?  Bor—ing! Well, the people at Chemical Bank are anything but boring. This is an enthusiastic bunch of genuinely community-oriented people who are committed to improving the financial health of the community they serve. 

Chemical Bank is not only providing financial support for the Vasa, but human resources as well. It was not enough for Chemical Bank to simply write a check. Their employees and management team have volunteered to work registration, aid stations and help out with the general grunt work required to stage these races.

"When I think of our partnership with the VASA Festival of Races, I think about their commitment to health and how it fits hand in hand with our commitment to financial health. We're excited to partner with an organization that matches our commitment to health in a different way." Thank you, Scot Zimmerman, North Region President of Chemical Bank. Hey, Scot, do you guys do new ski loans?

So now we have a bank and a bar as sponsors. Cool. But you know bank humor differs from bar humor a lot. I mean you never hear a joke that starts out, "this guy walks into a bank with a parrot on his shoulder…"  But I was able to find a story about Oscar Wilde, the great Irish playwright, who, when confronted by his loan officer about his delinquent account, is reported to have replied, "My good man, I have no interest in paying the principle, and it is my principal never to pay interest. Good day. (FYI, I do not think the Wilde approach would go over well with the good folks at Chemical Bank.)

There are some interesting events coming up, the principal ones being:

                  December 16 - Vasa Ski Club race, Lakes of the North

                  December 17 -  My birthday (also Tim Brick's birthday)

                  January 6/7  -  Midwest Rendezvous @ Timber Ridge

                  January 14, 21, 28  -  We Ski @ Timber Ridge

                  February 9  -  Vasa Pasta @ Timber Ridge

                  February 10 - 11  THE VASA!

Thanks for suffering through another Vasa Newsletter, Vasa nation. See you out on the Vasa trail, which, BTW, is groomed for skating; and more snow is on the way. Have you hugged a groomer today? Well, don't. Buy them a beer instead.


Mike Haley

President, North American Vasa, Inc.