2018 Vasa Newsletter Vol.II, No. 5

Vasa Newsletter  Vol. II, No. 5   January 30, 2018   Haley's Comments:    
Vasa Nation! Gird your loins, friends! Wax your skis! Get your knickers on! All indications are that, in spite of Mother Nature's rather passive-aggressive behavior lately, the Vasa trail is holding up nicely and will be in very good condition for all of our races on February 10-11. All the reliable weather prognostications are for consistently below freezing temps and snow nearly every day. So I am going out on a limb and will advise you to leave your rock skis at home and bring your good stuff for race day.
Now I know that many of you have come to rely upon the wisdom that pervades this column for most of your everyday decisions, and today's words are no different. So now I have some critical investment advice for those of you Nordic procrastinators who have not yet registered for Vasa 2018: DO IT NOW! Because our rates go up on February 1. Unlike the Federal Reserve Board, which keeps you guessing, we are entirely up front because we want you to save big.
And here is some insider information (probably legal for you to take action on, as far as I know, based on my recent instant chat with the folks at www.justcallsaul.com): take the savings from your wise decision to register early and go directly to either of our sponsors: Chemical Bank, where you can get a little bitcoin maybe, or Short's, where you can grab a couple Huma Luma (de)Licious. In either case, remember to drink and invest responsibly - and not necessarily in that order.
That's all I have, Vasa Nation. Keep thinking those pure white thoughts (i.e., snow). See you on the trail soon.
Mike Haley
President, Vasa Board