2019 Vasa Newsletter Vol. III, No. 2


Vasa Newsletter - Cyber Monday Edition - Haley's Comments

Greetings, Vasa Nation! As I write this, our faithful Vasa grooming team, led by that god of the ginzu, Glen Rauth, is chomping at the bit anticipating a December 1 start date. The Vasa barn at the trailhead is like the starting gate at Churchill Downs just before the Kentucky Derby. And with the snow we are getting - a little bit each day - our Carhartt-clad creators of corduroy will have plenty of snow to pack for us when the MDNR gives them the green light. 








Old Way to Groom                            Modern Way

If you have not yet registered, you need to get over to www.vasa.org and pull the trigger. The wave start times are all there, the course maps, the price increase dates. The mid-terms are over, what are you waiting for? And, hey, with the money you save by beating the next price increase, you can afford to upgrade your Nordic skiing apparel by visiting our official Vasa skiwear website at www.vomax.com. (Shop/team store/ North American Vasa.) You know that Helly-Hanson parka is driving the other skiers nuts with all the noise it makes flapping in the wind. So get with the program.

North American Vasa is proud to welcome back both Short's Brewing and Chemical Bank as title sponsors. The people at Short's and Chemical Bank are just the best. I will ride the horse metaphor one more time and say that these guys not only "pony" up with a check for the sponsorship, but their employees wind up doing an awful lot of volunteer work as well. Very cool.

We welcome as our new food sponsors the Blue Tractor, North Peak, and the Jolly Pumpkin group. Old timers will remember Blue Tractor as Dill's on Union Street right next to Tony Wilhelm's ski shop (now AT&T) where I bought my first pair of wool long johns. God, what a revelation - wool instead of cotton knickers.

When the Vasa asked Blue Tractor to provide soup for our racers on Saturday and Sunday, they said, heck, why don't we just donate the best soup we have from each of our THREE establishments: Blue Tractor, Jolly Pumpkin and North Peak? Also, this year there will not be an onsite pasta feed. Instead, these restaurant sponsors will provide a special coupon for you to enjoy your pre-race carbs at their locations.

 So thanks to our sponsors. We love these guys and they all deserve our support.

Think snow. But you already know that.

Mike Haley

President, North American Vasa