2019 Vasa Newsletter Vol. III, No. 4

Vasa Newsletter - January 21, 2019 - Haley’s Comments

Vasa Nation: Get a cup of tea, folks,' cuz we got a lot to cover.

2019 Short’s Brewing Fat Bike Series

January 20     Fat Chance at Crystal Mounain

February 9     King Vasa Fat Bike race at Timber Ridge Resort

February 23   Dogman Challenge at Mt McSauba/Charlevoix

March 2         Beard of Zeus at Timber Ridge Resort

Photo of the Beard of Zeus race director.

Anger Management issues or Game Face?

You decide.


Cheapskate Alert: Vasa Registration Price Increase coming January 31. Need I say more?


No Vasa Pasta. Instead, coming soon;

“Download for the Carboload” 

Since we will not be hosting a pasta dinner this year, our generous food sponsors - Blue Tractor, North Peak and Jolly Pumpkin - are providing discount coupons for great food at their restaurants during the Festival of Races weekend. Check out our website soon to “download (a coupon) for the carbo-load.”  

You heard it here first, folks.




Vasa Nation: kilometer markers are so overrated. Agreed? The 2019 Vasa race courses will have lots fewer of these pesky little posters than in previous years. Instead of a marker for every kilometer, they are being placed every 5 km or so this year. This is based on some research suggesting that over-exposure to kilometer markers can lead to skier/biker fatigue, anxiety, despair, melancholy and confusion. Or maybe it is because we just thought we did not need so many signs. One or the other.


Volunteer for the Vasa! 

We have made it so easy to volunteer, just go to: http://signup.com/go/NSTKOOd and find a slot that works for you.

Even if you are just thinking about volunteering, you should come to the: Volunteer Pizza Party at

´╗┐St. Francis High School on Sunday, January 27 at 5:00. 

Heck, I’d volunteer just for the hat alone.     Check ‘em out. 


How cool is this? We finally got a sponsor we can squeeze without getting into trouble! GoGosqueeZ has agreed to sponsor the Junior Vasa. They are bringing a bunch of their cool yogurt and applesauce products to Timber Ridge so you can squeeze them for yourself.


Our intrepid groomers report that trail conditions are quite good, and with a few more inches of powder, they will be awesome. 


Mike Haley


North American Vasa