2019 Vasa Newsletter Vol. III, No. 5


Vasa Newsletter - Pre-Race Edition - Haley’s Comments




Gird your Vasa Nation! The time draws near! Our groomers become artisans this week as they wait for just the right moment to apply the finishing touches on the 18+” of snow we had last week. Check out the cordoroy they laid down the other day. Trail conditions are simply the best, and the weather outlook for Vasa Weekend is making us just a bit giddy. Pinch me.


For those of you Sgt. Joe Friday types, who just want the facts, then I refer you to “King Vasa Speaks”, a lengthy tome with all the essential intel you need for the Vasa Festival of Races. Pretentious? Yes, but oh so essential to the detail-oriented competitor. Just go to King Vasa Speaks and find “NEWS”. Here follows a partial table of contents:




·       CHANGING (Spoiler alert: NOT in the parking lot)

·       “DEFLATE-GATE” (Psi for the FTB’s. Never mind.)

·       OFFICIAL MAPS (Or just ask for directions like I do.)

·       AWARDS (Did you know “Podium” is a verb now?)



Race Director's Note

The course has been set, the snow has arrived and the grooming is world class. The Vasa board and small army of volunteers are finishing up the final preparations for the finest race on snow. Now all we need are you and your speedy skis and fat rolling bikes. Are you ready? Skis waxed, chain lubed and body tuned? The 43rd North American Vasa is excited to bring back the traditional clockwise ski course on the Vasa Trail. The Fatbike course has been moved entirely to the Winter Sports Singletrack. When the race is over, the party begins with the Chemical Bank/Short’s Brewing event tent. The kids won’t miss out on the party with Cherry Republic Boomchunkas and GoGo Squeeze. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now! Don’t miss out on the great course, conditions, competition and camaraderie. You won’t regret joining in the fun! See you next Saturday and Sunday February 9 & 10, 2019.

John Roe

Vasa Race Director´╗┐

Hey, Vasa Nationalists, isn’t it great to know where you are going? You can thank Paula Dreeszen, former Vasa Board member and current high-velocity skier and generous volunteer, who prepares our course maps. These are posted on our website, where you will find, e.g., a change in our STADIUM MAP, which is worth noting.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: Speaking of Volunteers, wouldn’t YOU like to be one? We have a few openings in the following important areas:



·       SERVE ME BREAKFAST IN BED (oops, that spot is filled)

Just go to our website and Sign-Up. You will get a great Headsweats reversible hat and a warm feeling inside (especially if you are serving soup).

Vasa People, are you still wearing that stretched out Helly-Hansen parka and those baggy Sierra Trading Post all-purposeski/camping pants you got on clearance during the Johnson administration?

We can help put some styling threads on ya. Just visit our special website https://www.vomax.com/navasa/ for the latest in ski and fat bike -wear. Vasa logo wear and Shorts duds will also be available in the big tent this weekend. Our ZZ Top wannabe to the right needs to be jumpin’ on the vomax program asap, am I right?

That is all I have, friends. See you on the other side.

Mike Haley


North American Vasa


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