2020 VASA Newsletter, Vol. IV, No. 2

October 29, 2020

Vasa Newsletter - Scary Edition - Haley’s Comments


Vasa Nation: This is no trick, you Halloweeners and Halloweenies. You gotta get on the “stick” (get it?) and register for Vasa 2020 before the price goes up on October 31.

Go to vasa.org and do it NOW


Meanwhile, a trio of your intrepid Vasa board members threw caution to the wind and rode the Vasa trail in an effort to produce a course elevation profile for the 25K freestyle course. This is what we boardsters do! In the photo you will notice Gussie Peterson and I are indicating “V” for Vasa, while Vinny Festa is trying to mimic a Roman soldier ordering 5 beers. He’s a funny guy.


Anyway, herewith is the product of our hard work. Cool, huh? BTW, course maps and the other profiles are available on our website.

Check ‘em out, folks.

Sad news department: Pat Tobin, M.D. died in September at the age of 81. He was simply a class act - a great skier, cyclist, sailor, doctor. Pat was hard core, regularly skiing 25 K or so with a bunch of other docs before going to work in the morning (the infamous “Dawn Patrol”) and completing 28 Vasa races. We will miss him. A gathering for his friends will be held at the Grand Traverse Yacht Club on December 14 from 4-7.

Down, but not out, department: Long-time friend of the Vasa, Traverse City skier and cyclist Don Cunkle took a wicked fall on his mountain bike recently, sustained a nasty fracture, but is recovering now at home. He has one of those Hannibal Lecter halo jobbies on his head and is driving his wife, Yvonne, crazy. So pray for a speedy recovery, for Yvonne’s sake. Don was told he cannot bike or ski for at least 6 months. Get a second opinion, Don!

Hey, have you ever heard of the World Ski Calendar? Me neither, actually. But the Vasa is now listed as a part of the World Ski Calendar which promotes and gives points to participants of major distance races around the globe. World Ski Points will be given for participation in our 25K & 50K freestyle races, and the 34K classic race. Not sure what you do with the points you accumulate. Maybe cash them in for a toaster oven?

Shameless promotion department: Vasa logo wear will soon be available for purchase when you register online. Order now, “while supplies last” (I love saying that.) Then you can pick up your stuff at Timber Ridge on race weekend. If you have already registered, you can still order online. Plus, a limited quantity will be available at Timber Ridge during race weekend.

NEW for Vasa 2020: A snowshoe race. Are they “snowshoe-ists” or “snowshoe-ers”? It’s hard to say. But either way, those participating in the Sunday, first-time-ever Vasa snowshoe race will have fun.

That’s all I have. Remember to keep those cards and letters coming in, cuz’ you know that Gussie and I read every one.

Mike Haley

Vasa Board Member