2019 Combo Race Challenges

Want some additional opportunities for racing glory? Try a combo race challenge!  Here are your options:

The Triple Threat

Only the toughest of the tough need apply.  This challenge was the brainchild of local super-athlete, Dan Novak, who challenged himself to do all three marathons of the North American Vasa in both 2017 and 2018: the 50K freestyle, the 42K fat bike, and the 35K classic races. And he did it!  In 2018, it became an official race category.  Will Dan come back for a 3rd attempt? He’s hoping for some competition in 2019. And he’s thrown down the gauntlet for the women to join the fun. He even added an incentive for them: $200 for the first woman to complete the challenge. Don’t let Dan’s ego get too big.  There are others who can do this. Start training!

The Michigan Cup Challenge

The two full-points Michigan Cup races will combine the 50K freestyle marathon and the 16K classic race. The male and female with the lowest combined times will be declared the winners, with all the Michigan Cup glory that goes along with it.


Take the time for the 27K freestyle ski race and add it to your time for the 42K fat bike race. The male and female with the lowest combined times are the SkiFatalon champs!

Discount codes are available at registration for those signing up for these challenges. To receive the discount, you must sign up for all the races at the same time.

  • Triple Threat (Okerstrom Marathon, Short's Grand Fat and Lombard Loppet) - $50 Discount
  • Michigan Cup Challenge (Okerstrom Marathon and Chemical Bank Classic) - $20 Discount
  • SkiFatalon (George Kuhn Half Marathon and Short's Grand Fat) - $20 Discount