Combo Race Challenges

sWant some additional opportunities for racing glory? Try a combo race challenge!  Here are your options:

The Triple Threat

Only the toughest of the tough need apply!  This challenge was the brainchild of local crazy super-athlete, Dan Novak, who challenged himself to do all three marathons of the North American Vasa in 2017: the 50km Okerstrom freestyle ski marathon, the 35km Short's Grand Fat Bike race, and the 35km Lombard Loppet classic ski race. And he did it!  In 2018, it became an official race category.  After three successful attempts, Dan promises to be back for a 4th.  He’s hoping for some competition this time. To sweeten the pot, he will personally award $300 to anyone who can complete the challenge in under 7 hours. He will deduct $10 for every minute over 7 hours. E.g., if you finish in 7:10, you get $200. The total purse available is $300, so the purse will be split and distrubuted per results if more than one make the cut.  Don’t let Dan’s ego get too big.  There are others who can do this. And it sure would be cool if we can get our 1st woman to complete the challenge. Start training! The first place male and female winners will receive a Brick Wheels gift certificate and a nice discount on next year's race.

The Michigan Cup Challenge

This challenge includes the two full-points Michigan Cup races: the 25km freestyle half marathon (This is NEW in 2020!  Previously, the 50km race was the full-points MI Cup race) and the 17km classic race. The top three men and women with the lowest combined times will be declared the winners, with all the Michigan Cup glory that goes along with it.  The first place winners will receive a Brick Wheels gift certificate and a nice discount on next year's race.

SkiFatalon Team and Individual Event

Brought to you by Suttons Bay Bikes

Find a co-conspirator and sign up for the SkiFatalon, which will be run as a team event this year.  One teamie will do the 25km freestyle ski race, and the other will do the 35km Short's Grand Fat fat bike race. Add up your times for the final result. The men, women and co-ed teams with the lowest combined time will be the SkiFatalon champs! And YES, you can still do the challenge as an individual.  To do this, sign up for both races and name yourself as your teammate. You will be counted as your own team. Winners will receive a Suttons Bay Bikes gift certificate and a nice discount on next year's race. Awards for the SkiFatalon are provided by Suttons Bay Bikes. Thank you, Suttons Bay Bikes!

Discount codes are available at registration for those signing up for the following challenges. To receive the discount, you must sign up for all the races at the same time.

  • Triple Threat (Okerstrom Marathon, Short's Grand Fat and Lombard Loppet)
  • Michigan Cup Challenge (George Kuhn Half Marathon and Chemical Bank Classic)