Fat Bike Races

King Vasa Fat Bike Races, Saturday, February 8, 2020

Short's Grand Fat - 42km

Short's and Fat - 13km

The King Vasa Fat Bike Race is the third race in the Short’s Fat Bike Series. This year the Vasa Fat Bike race follows the Fat Chance race at Crystal Mountain. The King Vasa is one of two distance based races along with Fat & Flurrious in the series with Fat Chance, The Dogman Challenge and The Beard of Zeus all being timed races.

The King Vasa Fat Bike Race will be feature two distances a 1-lap 13km and a 2-lap 42K race. Each race will run in the counter-clockwise direction.  They will feature a nearly 2.5 kilometers of two-track rollout before the singletrack begins. Plan to be prepared for the climb out of Rachel’s Valley before entering more singletrack including the new Strombolis Loop and Yeti's Lair before facing Yeti's Revenge. Long racers will finish out on Red Line to Logger's Run. Once again the course layout features fast wide trails with many singletrack sections that will bring tactics into play.

Both races feature some of the best NMMBA trails on the map along with plenty of Short’s brew at the after party and awards ceremony.

  • Helmets required
  • Minimum 3.7" tires
  • 4-6 PSI Strongly recoommended                                                       
  • Studded tires discouraged but permitted - the course is rarely icy.                                           
  • Total entries for both races are capped at 250.

Don’t miss out by signing up early at vasa.org/register/