SheSkis Program

SheSkis is a weekly program for female skiers of all ages and abilities that starts on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015 @ Timber Ridge with a planning session for the coming season. The gathering will begin at 6:00 PM. Our first session of Dry Land Training will be the following Wednesday, the 21st and SheSkis will continue on Wednesday evenings – same time and place -  throughout the winter season. For the Planning Session, plan to bring a snack and/or beverage to share along with you good ideas for activities you want to see included in the coming season….food and fun, who could ask for more??

As we move from “Dirt to Snow”, there will be several lesson nights offering both skate and classic instruction, so rest assured, you will know how to do this!! Various other instructional sessions like “How to wax your skis”, a trip to Brick Wheels to view the latest and greatest in ski equipment and wear with our area Swix Representative, Mike Waggoner , some yoga and /or Pilates sessions to name a few! Timber Ridge will also host two sessions for the women of the entire Traverse City area!

Weekly email updates keep everyone informed of what’s happening, we also have a FaceBook page (so “Like” us!)and you can always check the North American Vasa web site and click on the tab for SheSkis!

Questions? Contact Linda Deneen:


SheSkis Program

SheSkis falls under the larger umbrella of the North American Vasa whose missionis, in part, to promote and support the sport of cross-country skiing in our area.

SheSkis  really begins as a dirt-to- snow weekly training program for women of all ages and abilities to get ready for ski season. It is held on Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. at Timber Ridge Resort. We start with dry land training and  move into both classic and skate skiing once the snow arrives. “SheSkis”  continues throughout the ski season dovetailing with the popular Wednesday night women’s gatherings at Timber Ridge. The purpose  is to have fun together and enjoy crosscountry skiing.

 We got into “SheSkis” through  Bill Thompson, co-owner of Downwind Sports in Marquette and Houghton. They sponsor “SheBikes” and “Ladies of the Lakes”, which are retreats for women to improve their biking and/or kayaking skills. While attending a family wedding, he suggested that we have a similar program here in Traverse City for skiing — so here we are!

 Specifically, the North American VASA Board wants to expand the concept of cross-countryskiing beyond the RACES to include more community members in the enjoyment of skiing by sponsoring the “SheSkis” and “WeSki” programs (more on “WeSki” on this web site!).

 The best part of  “SheSkis” is the women who come! We work hard and have a great time together.

The hardest part of “SheSkis” has been to get the word out that the program is for women of all ability levels. One does not have to be a racer to enjoy cross-country skiing!

Perks for the participants are: 1) Having a larger circle of like-minded women with whom to enjoy cross country skiing and 2) Sharing a healthy activity with women of our community.