Vasa Trail Update

February 8th - We should have great conditions for the Vasa races this next weekend. The snow on the trail held up very well during yesterday's warm up & rain. There is 2 to 5 inches of compacted base on the race course. The Tart Trails groomers were out this morning grooming the skate lane this morning. The only icy spots are near the bridge on the lower part of the Vasa Trail near he trailhead. The tracks set yesterday are in very good shape


February 7th - A lot of the out of the area skiers will be concerned about the rain we are having – they are looking out at grass and mud, especially after the White Pine had to cancel the 50 k. The snow base that we have will just soak-up the rain. About 8-9 PM, tonight, it will drop below freezing and the high for tomorrow is forecast to be 21 degrees. The TART/Vasa groomers will be out early in the morning to resurface the trails.They sincerely believe that we will have fast, not icy, excellent groomed trails by late tomorrow morning. We need to get the word out, And not only the word, but please post your photos/videos and comments letting everyone know, that we still have excellent conditions for next weekend's races..