Fresh Corduroy in November

Headwaters Trail Workbee - Wednesday, November 08, 2017 9:25 AM

Greetings All!

Have you ever seen corduroy in November – check out the photo below!


Wow, what a transformation we made, today, from a badly eroded, aspen shoot encroaching trail to better than new, ready to ski trail! Actually, when Mark, Jerry, and I have been going around the whole Vasa Pathway measuring and marking the race course “K’s”, we have commented that the The Trail is in great shape! In my opinion, Chris Kushman deserves the most credit for his Wednesday afternoon leadership of trail maintenance workbees! Jim D, thanks for coming out of retirement and doing a spectacular job on the trail with the Kubota and the Harley Powered Box Grader – wow, what an amazing piece of equipment, we should have had that 20 yrs ago! The Harley Rake is going to be a great piece of equipment for putting in the trails at Strombolis with minimal disturbance. Glen, Pat, & Curt great job on spreading road gravel on the trail and developing water bars! Mark, the Man with the Brush Whacker, who covered so much of the trail. Bill, Jerry, Bud, Gussie, & Donna who did the back breaking work on bending over trimming aspen shoots.  

Jim Heffner, OTG