Trail Reports


Just a reminder, any time when you are skiing on the Vasa Trail System and you encounter the groomer, use caution. If you catch up with the groomer, stay back and do not ski close behind the tiller. When it is safe to stop the groomer will stop and let you pass. If you meet the groomer get well off the trail and make sure your poles and skis are off as well.

Traverse Area Recreation & Transportation (TART) Trails Inc. grooms and maintains the VASA Pathway as part of the TART network of recreation trails.

You can you support the grooming effort by purchasing a grooming badge?

TART Trails Inc. issues frequent reports about grooming and posts updates to their website frequently. The following link will take you to the TART website where they post updated Grooming Reports:

While the North American VASA race organization doesn't groom or maintain the Vasa Trail it supports TART Trails Inc. in their effort to maintain high quality skiing conditions on the Vasa Pathway.

Any questions or comments about conditions on the Vasa Pathway should be directed to TART Trails Inc.

TART Trails, Inc.
PO Box 252
Traverse City, MI 49685


You can also get First-Hand Trail Reports from skiers who have recently skied on the Vasa Trail on the Nordic Ski Racer website.